Robust weighing solutions for heavy-duty industries

At SEG, we specialize in crafting industrial strength weighing solutions that are accurate and dependable. Our range encompasses a variety of essential components, thoughtfully designed for swift installation and seamless integration into your operations. Above that, our comprehensive offering caters to diverse applications, from belt scale conveyors and weigh feeders to flow scales, controllers, and weighing indicators.

Emphasizing the rigors of industrial environments, our solutions boast robust and enduring designs that match the exacting standards of production processes. The SEG weighing program is tailored to meet specific requirements, settings, and spatial constraints, ensuring a customized fit for every scenario.

Curious to explore more about our extensive portfolio across our four distinct categories – Weighing modules, Controllers, Load cells, and Weighing accessories? Discover the innovation and excellence that drives our heavy-duty industry solutions.


Static Weighing Unit - PK
Weighing modules
Load cells