Batching: Exactly right every time

Batching is essential when materials must be mixed or dispensed. Batched quantities must be accurately measured. Exactly right, every time. The industry demands accurate, reliable solutions.

An automated batching process can

  • Save time and increase productivity.
  • Provide uniformity through more accurate measuring.
  •  Ensure batch traceability, through data from the weighing, facilitating the documentation process.

At S-E-G we can offer our PK-Weighing unit, and advanced batch controllers from the A2 and T3 series.

  •  PK-Weighing unit –wall mounted weighing of small containers and platforms.• (For 35 kg, 100 kg, 1000 kg)
  •  A2-C14 – 1-component advanced batch scale controller.
  •  A2-C15 – 1-component advanced batch scale controller.
  •  T3-360 – Advanced single component batch weighing controller.
  •  T3-770 – Advanced multi component batch weighing controller.

A batch is a preset amount of material that is accurately dosed, weighed or loaded into a truck, into a mix, or into feed. Accurate batching of a specified quantity of material contributes to high quality processing and high quality a product.