About belt scales

Robust and dependable scales for rough industrial environments and heavy-duty use.

Material that can be conveyed on a belt, can also be weighed on a belt. Among other S-E-G has worked with belt scales for products such as rocks, wood chips, oranges, fish and much more. Belt scales from S-E-G are used in more than 30 countries, over 10.000 delivered scales have taught us everything there is to know in conveyor weighing.

Characterizing Features:

  • Robust design with few moving parts for minimum maintenance and a long lifetime.
  • From simple flows metering to precision weighing.
  • Intelligent automatic calibration.
  • Standardized modules and simple installation.
  • Adjustable to existing belt profiles.
  • Patented design eliminates errors caused by side- and friction forces.
  • Heavy duty load cell in protected location. Built in overload protection.
  • Standard units for 400 – 2 500 mm belt width with precision idler set or used with existing idler sets.