Conveyor belt scale for robust and dependable weighing 

Materials that can be conveyed on a belt, can be weighed on a belt.  We have delivered more than 10.000 Belt scales to 30+ countries, and that has thought us everything there is to know on belt weighing systems and solutions.

Each solution is individually fitted to your production setting and requirements. We offer different belt scales modules with their own idler roller combination, individual to each unit series -BK – CK, – DK and -EK allowing for easy adaption and adjustments.

Our belt scales modules measure flow rate, or mass of the product transported on the conveyor helping to ensure efficiency, accurate measuring, and traceability in your production.  The SEG weighing solution can be used for different applications such as legal trade, for flow indication, for control weighing, load out, and for totalising.

We have worked with materials such as rocks, wood chips, coal, minerals, different type of bulk materials, and we can also weigh your product!   



Belt scale solution

Advantages of a SEG conveyor belt weighing solution 

  • Easy adaption to your existing belt conveyor or to a new belt weighing system.  Equals a highly customizable solution.
  • Robust design and few moving parts mean minimal maintenance and a long lifetime for the belt scale.
  • High Accuracy down to 0,1 % – available in EU-certification class, our belt scales can be approved according to OIML MID R50 Class 0,5 – 1 – 2.
  • Idler roller combination for -flat, V-Shaped, and Through-shaped conveyors
  • We can offer a full belt weighing system including: the belt weighing modules, instrument/controller, tachometer
  • Handle up to 12.000 t/h depending on project specifications.