Mass acceleration for accurate flow measurement

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter -The S-E-G Instrument : CO-B Series  – affordable efficiency. 

The mass flow meter measures material in motion. A high accuracy inline flow measurement solution that uses acceleration to measure the flow of a product.

Accuracy of the mass flow meter

We weigh your material with an accuracy down to 0,5 % within 40-100% of maximum capacity and at the CO-Series advertises of an unparalleled repeatability down 0,1 %

The mass flow meter provides information on the total amount of material in t and the material flow in t/h.

  • Weighing material with an accuracy of 0,5 % within 40-100  % of the max.
  • Capacities from 500 kg/h up to 100.000 kg/h.
  • Simple installation, easy to service, long lifetime. 


Mass Flow meter installation

Weighing difficult materials easily

Materials like cement, ore, fly ash, sugar, pigment, granulates, powders and plastics, among others are often hard to weigh.

The Mass Flow Meter from S-E-G uses mass acceleration instead of gravity to weigh, and can weigh traditionally difficult material, especially ones with fluctuating densities, with very high accuracy and repeatability. It is not susceptible to outside forces, meaning that fluctuating material density, temperature and environmental variations do not result in the need for recalibration.

With the CO-Series from S-E-G you get an efficient continuous measuring device, with unmatched repeatability and a solution that is easily installed and maintained.