Coriolis Measuring Mass Flow Scale

Materials like pot-ash, milk powder, starch and many more are often hard to weigh, but the requirement to know true weight for a process to work is greater than ever. Using mass acceleration instead of gravity the CO can weigh many materials traditionally causing problems with very high repeatability and accuracy.

Characterizing Features:

  • The CO is a true mass measuring device, not susceptible to material density and installation miscues.
  • The CO is installed directly in a vertical material path, optionally together with a feeding device.
  • Fully enclosed for a clean working environment and no fragile parts in contact with material.
  • Few moving parts and a robust design assures stable calibration and a long usable life cycle.
  • The unmatched long term repeatability makes it a perfect component in continuous measuring.
  • Standardized modules for quick delivery, spare part availability and good economy.